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Premier O & P Fabrication
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We are proud to offer a wide range of services including lower limb, upper limb, cosmetic and shower limb.

Feel free to call us to discuss your fabrication needs.


Sockets                 PFBKTS            Test Socket

                                    PFBKCST         Cast Fill Only  

                                    PFBKMC           Cast Fill & Modify

                                    PFBKCRV         Carving

                                    PFBKLSS           Laminated Socket

                                    PFBKTSK         Thermoformed Socket

                                    PFBKL1D           Laminated Socket 1st of Double

                                    PFBKL2D          Laminated Socket 2nd of Double

                                    PFBKV1L           Vass/Tec Socket 1st Laminate

                                    PFBKV2L          Vass/Tec Socket 2nd Laminate

                                    PFBKDL             Laminated Socket Double Wall

                   PFBKSP             Soft Liner Pelite

                                     PFBKSS             Soft Liner Supracondular

                                     PFBKSL             Soft Liner Seamless (Daw, Everflex)

                                     PFBKFS             Flexible Liner Polyethylene

                                     PFBKDP            Distal End Pad

Attachments       PFBKFP            Fit 3 Prong Pyramid

                                       PFBKFB            Fit Attachment Block

                                       PFBKFL            Fit Shuttle Lock

Cosmesis                PFBKSC            Standard Foam Cover Application    

                                      PFBKFC            Cosmetic Skin Cover Application  

Hourly Rates
      PFBKCO            Custom Order

                                      PFBKRP            Repair  

Special Offer
      PFBKAQ            Aqualimb. Includes All Parts & Suspension Sleeve




Sockets                  PFBKTS              Test Socket

                                    PFBKCST           Cast Fill Only  

                                    PFBKMC            Cast Fill & Modify

                                    PFBKCRV          Carving

                                    PFBKLSS            Laminated Socket

                                    PFBKTSK          Thermoformed Socket

                                    PFBKL1D           Laminated Socket 1st of Double

                                    PFBKL2D           Laminated Socket 2nd of Double

                                    PFBKV1L           Vass/Tec Socket 1st Laminate

                                    PFBKV2L           Vass/Tec Socket 2nd Laminate

                                    PFBKDL              Laminated Socket Double Wall

                    PFBKSP               Soft Liner Pelite

                                    PFBKSS               Soft Liner Supracondular

                                    PFBKSL               Soft Liner Seamless (Daw, Everflex)          

                                    PFBKFS               Flexible Liner Polyethylene

                                    PFBKDP              Distal End Pad

Attachments      PFBKFP               Fit 3 Prong Pyramid

                                      PFBKFB               Fit Attachment Block

                                      PFBKFL               Fit Shuttle Lock

              PFBKSC               Standard Foam Cover Application    

     PFBKFC               Cosmetic Skin Cover Application

Hourly Rates
     PFAKCO              Custom Order

                                     PFBKRP               Repair

Special Offer      PFBKAQ               Aqualimb. Includes All Parts & Suspension Sleeve 

We offer a full range of AK fabrication including test socket and definitive socket manufacture.
















Premier O&P Fabrication

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